A Crazy Successful

Wellness Biz On

Practice Better

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A Crazy Successful Wellness Biz on

Practice Better

Setting Up a Wellness Business Can Feel


Feeling a little lost?

No worries – we've got the solution! Meet the Wellness Boss Society – your go-to resource for tackling the tech and setting up your online wellness biz on Practice Better. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity and confidence!

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Struggling to Plan Your Business, Map Offers, or Set Up Practice Better Programs/Courses?

Ready to get more clients, create your offer suite or scale up with a program or membership? Apply to work with me. Rates start at $499 per month for high-level Voxer coaching. Spaces are limited, so apply now and get on my waitlist today!

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What's better than your favorite Kombucha? My free course!

Are you a dietitian, nutritionist or health coach? This FREE course is your ultimate guide to automating your wellness business. From setting up your calendar to automating forms and onboarding clients, you'll learn it all. Start onboarding those dreamy soulmate clients and filling up your coaching calendar!

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